The Application

Over 50,000 downloads from around the world.  Available on IOS, Android, Windows and Online.  Veterinary Clipboard provides veterinary calculators for emergency, anesthetic drugs, CRI’s and more.

Drug Dosages

Over 100 drugs for feline and canine patients sorted by category and with an easy to use search functionality.

Fluid Volume

Three easy to use calculators for Fluid Maintenance, Fluid Replacement and CRI.

Chocolate Toxicity

Canine chocolate toxicity calculator for various type of chocolate.

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Great app! Helps me when I’m feeling lazy or if I need to just double check myself. It’s right on Randy Duren

Great! Has most of the information needed for the most commonly used drugs, such as the uses and warning and dosage. Summer Ho


Great reference guide! I work for local Humane Society and this comes in handy on a daily basis! Jordiee Meyers


Great on the go app. Easy to use and simple. I’m a vet nurse and love it April Hasselmann

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